About Me

Who are you?

I’m a law student (tossed into the University of Reality as of 2019) rookie lawyer by day, but a tech nerd through the day. Fascinated with the digital world, I appreciate all the convenience and sparks brought by ether and gadgets. I enjoy facilitating everyday life with digital devices and I’m always in search of methods to improve productivity. That being said, laziness, impatience, and hubris are the virtues I always extol.


  • MBTI: INTJ (Extraversion/Introversion, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling, Judging/Perceiving)
  • Big Five: Openness to experience (3.7/5.0), Conscientiousness (3.4/5.0), Extraversion (2.2/5.0), Agreeableness (2.9/5.0), Neuroticism (2.9/5.0)


Self-identified as progressive conservatism (Equality/Market, Liberty/Authority, Progress/Tradition, Ecology/Production).

What’s in your tech stack?


For…I use…
LaptopMacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)
DesktopMac mini (i5, 2018)
PhoneiPhone 12 Pro
TabletiPad Pro (12.9 inch, 2021)
External DisplayLG UltraFine 4K (21.5 inch)
Keyboard– Logitech K380
– Apple Magic Keyboard
– Anne Pro 2 (Box red switch)
Pointing device– Logitech MX Anywhere 2s
– Apple Magic Mouse
– Apple Magic Trackpad
e-ReaderBoox Air (a.k.a. Dedao Reader Pro Max) & Sony DPT-RP1
ConsoleNintendo Switch (battery-enhanced revision, 2019)
Audio– Wireless earbuds: Apple AirPods Pro
– IEM: AKG N5005 & UE900 (remodeled as custom-fitted)
– Amplifier: Fiio Q5s (Type-C, 2020)
Accessories– Dock: CalDigit TS3 Plus
– Charging: Apple MagSafe

Software & Services

For…I use…
Desktop OSDedicated to macOS, flirting with Linux
Mobile OSDedicated to iOS, flirting with Android
BrowserFirefox Developer Edition
EditorVS Code, with Vim keybindings & iA Writer
TerminaliTerm 2
Note-takingPlain markdown, organized with Obsidian
Task-managingPlain markdown
EmailMailMate (Desktop), Apple Mail (Mobile)
Feed readerNewsBlur, accessed either via its web UI, Reeder, or NetNewsWire
Pod catcherPocket Casts
BookmarkingInstapaper,, and vanilla browser bookmarks
Notable utilities– CLI: fzf, homebrew, ranger, qpdf, youtube-dl
– GUI: yabai, Moom, Keyboard Maestro, Alfred
– Mobile: VSCO, Taio, Tweetbot, Vvebo
Subscriptions– Music: Apple Music, Youtube Music, QQ Music, and Netease Music (phew)
– Video: Apple TV+
– Publications: The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal
– Misc.: Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+

Where else can I find you on the net?

Alongside those stiff metal boxes, I would also add some softer and more humanistic brushes to my life by designing and photographing (mostly iPhoneographing), which you can see on Instagram. You can also hear some of my shouts & murmurs on Twitter and Weibo.

Of course, the good old email is always welcomed: direct your message to any of (hi|hey|hola|hello|contact|ping) Take your time to pick one.

About the Site

What is this site for?

Neverland is a place for me to store trivia which I think are even ineligible for Evernote. So far, it contains verbose logs of fiddling with my devices, buggy translations of articles that caught my (not necessarily your) eyes, casual excerpts from the Internet, et cetera. As the name conveys, you could never expect something useful from it, but neither could you expect you will never find one.

Blogging seems to be an anachronism in this information-abundant era. After all, what’s the point jotting down words that may never be revisited even by yourself, only to add entropy to a system already chaotic enough to make people fatigue?

There is a distinction, however, between being selective to consume and to produce content. Surely it won’t make any visible contribution to enlarge a huge pie by a zillionth inch, but neither will it do any harm. And, it might be this very addition that helps one in need. As such, the words here don’t exist for being useful. They exist for a potential future me or someone else in search of resonance, recollections, or reconcilement. If there is a possibility, there is a dynamic.

Never say never — Because we say “never” by believing in the “ever.”

I’m new here. Which post(s) should I read first?

Welcome. Here are some posts I’m satisfied with and illustrative of my personality & interests. You’re also welcomed to check the archive (chronological) and index (topic-based) pages.

I find a mishmash of Chinese and Chi/English. Why?

For two reasons:

  • The technical reason: I prefer to write in whichever language my inner voice spoke when I was thinking about the topic because it’s easier.
  • The philosophical reason: The separation of language can serve as a separation of concerns. As the mother tongue, Chinese can sometimes feel too intimate and natural to express in candidly. Modern Chinese is also becoming regretfully meme- and Newspeak-liked, lacking the tool to write seriously and analytically with. English, though not without problem of its own, provides an alternative for a cowardly, escapist, or cynical me to think and write in. See also, the awesome Yiyun Li’s To Speak Is to Blunder, one of my favorite essays of all time.

How is this site built?


As of April 2021, Neverland is built with WordPress.

In the past, I have also tried several static site generators, including Hexo and Jekyll. But since I have no coding background after all, it turns out that too much headache is involved to (a) make it possible to post from anywhere including from mobile devices and (b) customize the style and functions beyond the scope of the limited themes and plugins in the frameworks’ official catalogs. WordPress provides an all-in-one solution that is well tested, easily extensible, and infinitely customizable, which caters to my needs well at this stage. That said, I may look to greener grass on other sides in the future; who knows.


Neverland, along with other public and private sites I run, is hosted on a VPS instance on Hetzner (affiliated link).

In the past, I have also hosted my blog on Github Pages (as a static site), Vultr, and DigitalOcean (as a WordPress site). The load and traffic of the site is so light that I haven’t got a chance to experienced any performance or networking issue with any of them. I switched to Hetzner simply for value considerations. They provide a combo of 2-core AMD EPYC processor, 2 GB of RAM, and 40 GB of SSD storage at a NVMe-level speed, at a reasonable price of €3.5 per month; that’s a significantly generous offer compared with the 1 core vCPU, 512 MB of RAM, and 20 GB SATA SSD storage spec you usually get from U.S. operators for $5 per month.

Images and occasional downloadables are hosted externally on CloudApp, which in turn uses Amazon S3 as their storage bucket. I’m neither satisfied nor unsatisfied with the service — file sharing and hosting is an established SaaS sector and dullness is more a feature than a bug. I’ve been using it after purchasing a “lifetime” unlimited license years ago on a sale.

Routing, and why the site appears to be slow

The aforementioned Hetzner instance where Neverland floats is physically located at Falkenstein, Germany. As far as I know, the routing between their data center and mainland China is not “optimized” whatsoever (e.g., no CN2 routing or 59.43 in Hostlocers’ jargon), resulting in an average latency around 200 milliseconds. Not ideal, but good enough for a petite, personal weblog.

The subdomain is registered with Cloudflare and put behind their CDN; its certificate is issued by Let’s Encrypt.

CloudApp, the image hosting service, appears to distribute the resources utilizing AWS’ CDN capacities and the responding server varies with the visitor’s IP. Unfortunately, as AWS being a frequent target of $YOU_KNOW_WHAT, domestic visitors’ access to blog images may be throttled or failed.

Frankly, I have a reckless and Hedonist attitude towards the domestic availability of this site. No proud if the connection is fast and undisturbed; no worry if not. I particularly won’t bother to register my site with the PenguinCo and the OldWaveCo so that links to here posted inside their walls can be followed without warnings — I deem such annoyances as Certificates of Quality™.

After all, I don’t think most readers of this site will be fazed by those artificial barriers — I’ve noticed from the site’s statistics that it has visitors from all over the world, who I believe are mostly inorganic agents of my compatriots and welcome warmly. For the sake of such flatter, don’t be mad at me if you think Neverland is too slow.

I’m feeling generous. How can I buy you a cup of coffee?

Disclaimers & Copyrights

Reasonable care has been taken to ensure the information I provided here is experimented or checked by myself and up to date at the time of publication, but it is still subject to inaccuracies and changes. I take no responsibility for any errors/omissions, or any damages/distress resulting from following the advice or information made available. 

Some rights of mine are waived under the condition of CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, which means you are free to copy and redistribute the material from this site in any medium or format, as long as you give appropriate credit without remixing, transforming, and using for commercial purposes. I’m not intended to put any limitations on my writings, though — I don’t even think many of them worth one, but as a law student I’m educated to always be prepared for the worst, so forgive me if you think it’s unnecessary to do so.