What I’m Reading

The following entries are extracted from the RSS feed of Platy’s Web Excursions, my Substack site. You can also subscribe to it via email because, ugh, it doesn’t harm to have yet another arbitrarily compiled “must-read” listicle?

Basically, I collect highlights from articles I read on the internet in the [[web-excursions]] section of my daily markdown journal (with the help of my customized Hypothesis workflow and the browser extension Markdownload). Then, I paste the HTML rendering of this section, ad verbum, into the Substack’s editing box and click “publish.” I don’t do this with the hope of being useful to anyone else; I do this because I want to fiddle with the trendy platform and utilize the editing process as the opportunity to practicing Vim.

Obviously, these excerpts are very loosely organized and carelessly formatted. The only advantages they have over the original text are that (a) long sentences are broken into indented bulletin points for easier scanning and understanding and (b) relevant materials (e.g., the original source, Wikipedia entries, and Hacker News comments) are sometimes included for contextualization.

OK, now if you’ll excuse me.

The title “web excursions” is inspired by Brett Terpstra’s curated lists of his bookmarks.

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