My Alfred Themes


Today I finally decided it’s time to swallow the bullet — too many built-in actions in LaunchBar have been broken by Catalina to keep me in its orbit. I installed Alfred and started my self-inflicted journey upward along its learning curve.

The culture shock aside, I’ve been pretty impressed by the granularity and flexibility of Alfred’s theming options. So, here’re some outcomes of a charlatan designer’s tinkering. I hope you can enjoy them. If you don’t, kindly don’t tell me and let me enjoy them alone.

Note: Alfred 4 supports macOS’s scheduled dark mode natively. Simply switch to your preferred light/dark theme under the system light/dark mode to associate it with that mode.

Polar & Nord

Condensed layout with peculiar italics in grooves.

[caption id="" alt="Polar"]PolarPolar[/caption]

[caption id="" alt="Nord"]NordNord[/caption]


Inspired by the Nord theme; requires IBM Plex Sans & IBM Plex Mono.

almost cloudy & almost moony

Spacious, border-less design suitable for external displays.

[caption id="" alt="almost cloudy"]almost cloudyalmost cloudy[/caption]

[caption id="" alt="almost moony"]almost moonyalmost moony[/caption]


Requires SF Pro & SF Mono.

Kihada & Enji

Paper-like palette optimized for Chinese characters.

[caption id="" alt="Kihada"]HanesqueHanesque[/caption]

[caption id="" alt="Enji"]HanesqueEnji[/caption]


Requires Source Han Sans & Source Han Serif.