[Eng. Ver.] Apple in 2021: The SSPAI Report Card


Apple in 2021: The SSPAI Report Card is one of SSPAI’s year-end programs. Modeled after Jason Snell’s The Six Colors Report Card series and the first among Chinese tech media, the event asked 20 influential Apple users to reflect on Apple’s performance in the past year.

Among the invitees are experienced developers, venture capitalists, scholars/professors, video game journalists, and photo/video professionals. They were prompted with 9 Apple-related subjects and were asked to rate them on a scale from 1 to 5 with commentary on their grading. We believe there is value in profiling Chinese users’ impression of Apple with a comprehensive approach and plan to conduct it as a multi-year program.

I’m glad to personally get involved in and executed the process. The following infographic is the translation of our companioning material made for social media purposes. The full result and write-up are available on SSPAI at https://sspai.com/post/70814.