Adding Two Experimental Pages


I created two experimental pages, links and now, for this site.

The links page contains links to online locations I frequent and tools I find handy. Think of a curated and annotated copy of the bookmark menu of my browser. I created it primarily for my own convenience, allowing me to access these links on shared and new devices without needing to set up syncs. Hopefully some of the links would also be helpful to visitors.

The now page is inspired by Derek Sivers’ “/now page movement.” It serves as a personal reminder to stay focused and a public declaration of my priorities by logging current interests and ideas that haven’t yet materialized into full posts.

Both pages are current as of the dates therein and it remains to be seen whether I can keep updating them.

Among other fiddling changes, I updated the design of the index page, giving it a full-page sized “cover page” of welcoming words. This is a design inspired by many of sites showcased on Dead Simple Sites, a catalogue of minimal sites. I also changed the typeface from Input Mono Sans to Novel Mono Pro. I still dig Input a lot but would like to try a more humanistic style while sticking to monospaced fonts, and Novel Mono looks promising.

Comments are welcomed.