Chenyang “Platy” Hsu

Editor. Currently at SSPAI.

Reachable in Shenzhen physically, at me(at) over port 25, and with the handle “platyhsu” elsewhere.

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“The New Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen”: Review and Notes

I recently learned about “The New Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen,” a short guide designed for foreign electronic shoppers to navigate Shenzhen’s mesmerizing Huaqiangbei district, and an update to Andrew “bunnie” Huang’s original edition. It turns out the book, full of humorous yet insightful tips, is also an interesting read for Chinese readers.

Notes on the Neapolitan Novels

I was recently introduced to Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels and spent about three weeks to read through the quartet. These notes are an unorganized collection of what I have learned or thought of during and after reading the series.

Morning Swims

As I navigate the terrains of reality where doubts inundate, and chart the boundaries of relations that warrant no reciprocity, the pool remains a steadfast, empathetic bulwark, always acknowledging my individuality and responding to my presence.

Adding Two Experimental Pages

I created two experimental pages, links and now, for this site.



Kimi 长上下文试用

Kimi 长上下文目前版本的优点在于,能够有效读取复杂文档,准确完成事实查询和要点提炼,可以满足从长篇幅或大批量文本中提取信息的需求。但不足在于,对于文档的深度理解和逻辑推理能力、以及在多轮对话中遵守用户指令的能力,还有较大提高空间。因此,对于需要深入理解特定领域知识的任务,Kimi 还无法完全满足需求,或至少需要一定程度的人工校验和调整。

Revising the About Page

I decided to rewrite the page as part of the annual housekeeping of the site. In past years, I’ve done enough fiddling by migrating between site generators and experimenting with stylesheets. But this year, I feel perfectly content with my current setup, making the about page an obvious target for improvement with the spared efforts.


This was the email I wrote as my feedback for a reading-themed podcast miniseries in celebration of the lunar new year of the dragon. The original was slightly edited to address issues of typos, punctuation, and style.

Trivia Thailandiae

I’ve recently spent four days in Thailand, the venue for our first team retreat since the back-to-normal time. There were twenty-five of us. Our itinerary included visits to Bangkok and Pattaya, with a short spin on Ko Samui. I appreciated and enjoyed the trip and think it’s worth a few words to mark it, hence this post.


尽管面临一些合理质疑,1Password 对于大多数用户仍然是最省心的选择,定价相对于提供的服务水平也是合理的。如果你纯粹因为价格因素而想逃离 1Password,那么你最好的选择可能是继续使用 1Password。对于有一定动手能力的用户,用 Bitwarden 或 KeePass 等开源方案替代 1Password 是可行的,并且使用体验相比前几年已经有所改善。相对而言,KeePass 的初始配置门槛更低,Bitwarden 则在功能上更为完善。