The human


Happen to be an editor and membership program producer at SSPAI, a content community focused on digital products and cultures.

Used to be a transactional lawyer (until July 2021).

Born to be a nerd.


Personalities are hard to describe, but I’m constantly tested as an INTJ, which means — if you insist — more Introverted than extraverted, perceiving by iNtuition more than sensing, judging by Thinking more than feeling, and perferring use of the Judging function than the perceiving one. I don’t take MBTI seriously, though, and the reference here is only for convenience.

Politics are hard to discuss, but I roughly identify as a progressive conservatist, which means when there’s a conflict, I generally put more vaule on the market than equality, liberty than authority, progress than tradition, and ecology than production.


Shouting and murmuring on Twitter and Weibo.

iPhoneographing on Instagram.

Flagging spams — but waiting for humanely greetings — at hi (at), or platyhsu (at) for work purposes.



For I use
Audiophiling Apple AirPods Pro 2
AKG N5005
Senheiser IE800S
UE900 (remodeled as custom-fitted)
Fiio Q5s (Type-C, 2020)
Bingeconsuming iPad Pro (12.9 in, 2021)
Clicking Apple Magic Mouse (Review)
Apple Magic Trackpad
Computing MacBook Pro 16 in (2021)
Mac mini (2018)
Deathscrolling iPhone 14 Pro
Gaming Nintendo Switch (battery-enhanced revision)
Reading Boox Nova Air
Staring LG UltraFine 4K (21.5 in) at home
LG 27UP850N-W at work
Typing Keychron K3 at work
Apple Magic Keyboard at home


For I use
Desktop OS macOS, dedicately;
Linux, flirtatiously
Mobile OS iOS, period with hesitation
Editor VS Code with Vim keybindings, for the extensibility;
iA Writer, for the vibe;
Taio, for scratching on the go;
Obsidian, idk, for productivity AF?
Browsing Firefox, mostly;
Safari or Chromium, randomly;
Chrome or Edge, never ever
Emailing Apple Mail
Terminal iTerm 2 + zsh
Notable utils. GUI: Alfred, Keyboard Maestro, BetterTouchTool, yabai
CLI: fzf, ranger, yt-dlp
Bookmarking Instapaper for long-reads;
Raindrop for archiving;
good old bookmarks for quick access
Feedreading NewsBlur as the backend;
Reeder as the reader
Podcatching Pocket Casts
Task-managing Task lists in Markdown;
Apple Reminders
Photo-editing VSCO as I’m cheap;
Pixelmator as I’m not so much so
Subscriptions Streaming: Apple Music, QQ Music, Apple TV+, YouTube Premium;
Publications: The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal;
Misc.: Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+

The site

What for?

Neverland is the name of a fictional island in certain literature and cartoon works. However, I appropriate the name not for the cultural reference but simply the vibe.

Neverland unapologetically acknowledge that it’s a nonplace. Like an airport or motorway, Neverland is meant to be left behind. I land pieces of idea and go on. You land fractions of attention and turn over. And that’s exactly what the content here deserves — you could never expect something useful from it, but neither could you expect you will never find one.

Blogging seems to be an anachronism in this information-abundant era. After all, what’s the point jotting down words that may never be revisited even by yourself, only to add entropy to a system already chaotic enough to make people fatigue?

There is a distinction, however, between being selective to consume and to produce content. Surely it won’t make any visible contribution to enlarge a huge pie by a zillionth in, but neither will it do any harm. And, it might be this very addition that helps one in need.

As such, the words here don’t exist for being useful. They exist for a potential future me or someone else in search of resonance, recollections, or reconcilement. If there is a possibility, there is a dynamic.

Never say never — Because we say “never” by believing in the “ever.”

Where to start?

Here are some posts I’m satisfied with and illustrative of my personality and interests. You’re also welcomed to check the archive (chronological) and tags (topic-based) pages.


For two reasons:

The technical reason is I prefer to write in whichever language my inner voice spoke when I was thinking about the topic because it’s easier.

The philosophical reason is the separation of language can serve as a separation of concerns. As the mother tongue, Chinese can sometimes feel too intimate and natural to express in candidly. Modern Chinese is also becoming regretfully meme- and Newspeak-liked, lacking the tool to write seriously and analytically with. English, though not without problem of its own, provides an alternative for a cowardly, escapist, or cynical me to think and write in. See also Yiyun Li’s To Speak Is to Blunder, one of my favorite essays of all time.


As of February 2022, Neverland is built with Hugo and hosted on Netlify. Prior to that, it was a self-hosted instance of WordPress. I may write about the rationale and process when time permits, but the gist is that the WordPress’ block-based Gutenberg experience turns out to be too voracious for my low-end virtual box and too fiddly for me as a minimalist. On the other hand, the static site generators and serverless providers have really come a long way since my previous flirting with Hexo. That you can set up a simple blog, certificated and CDN’d in minutes is no longer a goal, but a given.

Feeling generous?

You are welcome:

(Or with PayPal.)

Caveat emptor?

Reasonable care has been taken to ensure the information I provided here is experimented or checked by myself and up to date at the time of publication, but it is still subject to inaccuracies and changes. I take no responsibility for any errors, omissions, damages, or distress resulting from following the advice or information made available.


CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 unless otherwise suggested, which means you are free to copy and redistribute the material from this site in any medium or format, as long as you give appropriate credit without remixing, transforming, and using for commercial purposes.

Exceptions are mostly works for hire, contract works, and translated works. Kindly ask when there’s ambiguity.